More Than 250K People Have Signed Petition To Save Rare White Lion ‘Mufasa’ From Being Auctioned Off To Trophy Hunters; More Signatures Needed!

Photo Credit: Mufasa The Lion Facebook

When WAN learned that a rare white lion in South Africa could be auctioned off to trophy hunters, we were outraged.

Three years ago, a lion cub named Mufasa was confiscated by law enforcement and handed to a wildlife rehabilitation center to be cared for. The rehab center acquired a second cub Suraya, as a companion for Mufasa. Until now, the two have been inseparable. Unfortunately, that could now change due to Mufasa being infertile and therefore unable to breed.

Nature conservation officials refused permission for Mufasa to be relocated to a sanctuary, who offered to care for both Mufasa and Suraya, free of charge. Instead, the rehab center was told that “Mufasa will be auctioned off to raise funds for the department.” This is so unbelievable and outrageous.

A post by Mufasa The White Lion’s Facebook page stated, “the rehab center where Mufasa is kept, has just been served with a court application by NatCon to interdict the center to hand over Mufasa. Obviously we are going to take Mufasa’s side, and oppose this. We believe Mufasa and Suraya have the right to live the rest of their natural lives in a sanctuary where they will be as close to freedom as humanly possible.”

It’s believed that there are less than 300 white lions like Mufasa in the world, with just 13 still living in the wild, and shockingly still no international law to protect them.

We need to protect each and every one of these animals before they face extinction due to the greed of “trophy hunting.”

According to Four Paws US, “every year thousands of hunters from Europe and the U.S. travel to South Africa to participate in ‘trophy hunting,’ from which hunters bring home dead animals as “trophies” to display on their walls. Sadly, many wild animals are available to hunt, even protected species like elephants – it is just a question of money.”

It’s a disgusting industry that continues to decimate wild populations everywhere, and now Mufasa is their next target.

Please sign this Care2 petition, asking that not only Mufasa’s life be spared, but that he and Suraya be sent to an accredited sanctuary where they can live the rest of their lives in peace. SIGN HERE!

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