Petition To University Of Alberta: Save Andy the Polar Bear


A polar bear named Andy is in trouble, and he needs our help. When he was not yet full-grown, Andy was fitted with a tracking collar by researchers. As he has grown, the collar has malfunctioned as it stopped transmitting a signal. Last month, a photographer captured a photo of Andy with evident trauma around his neck from the extremely tight collar that contained a release mechanism that has clearly failed.

Due to this injury, Andy’s life is at risk.

U.S. and Canadian authorities were alerted to Andy’s situation, but so far no one is taking action or claiming responsibility for the collaring. Evidence suggests that it was likely the University of Alberta that placed the collar on Andy.

Time is running out, and its time to take real action. Animal welfare activists and advocates are calling on the University of Alberta to immediately begin an active search for Andy, so that they can remove the collar and provide all necessary treatment to ensure his well-being.

Locals in the area of Alaska where Andy was last seen have complained for years about polar bears wearing collars that were too tight. Complications from collaring occur far too often, as the collaring process involves stressful chases, harmful sedation, and sometimes causes death. Collaring of polar bears is invasive and dangerous and there are simply far too few of this majestic species left to take risks.

It is true that Andy is just one polar bear, and scientists may see his plight as “collateral damage” in the interest of research for the good of all polar bears. However, there is no justification for his strangulation, and research institutes that endeavor to capture and collar threatened species must be held responsible for their health and well-being.

In the meantime, the University of Alberta must use their resources to track Andy, remove the collar, and provide him with the medical attention he needs. Adding your voice to this petition will let the university know that they are being held accountable for Andy’s well-being, and immediate action must be taken.

Please SIGN the petition to help Andy.

If you would like to voice your concern for Andy personally, please contact the Executive Director of the Research and Ethics Office, Susan Babcock and Professor Andrew Derocher:


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