Photos & Video Emerge Of Cruelty To Cows At Facility Owned By World’s Largest Meat Producer  


People considering eliminating meat from their diet will most likely decide to do so following the release of horrific new photos and video footage taken inside a Nebraska slaughterhouse owned by JBS S.A., the world’s largest meat producer.

The shockingly graphic images provided to PETA by a whistleblower inside JBS Beef’s Grand Island slaughterhouse revealed improper slaughter procedures, including incidents in which cows were inadequately shot with a captive-bolt gun, as well as one in which a cow who was fully conscious and bleeding from a hole in her head was hung upside down before her throat was slit.

PETA sent the images to livestock expert Dr. Temple Grandin, who verified that some cows were improperly shot, and a veterinarian who agreed that the bleeding cow was sadly conscious and able to feel pain and fear.

“These gruesome images put faces to the countless animals who endure terror and pain before they end up on someone’s dinner plate,” said PETA Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations Daphna Nachminovitch. “If you find the images upsetting, please go vegan. It’s the only way to spare gentle cows and other animals miserable lives and violent deaths at slaughterhouses like this one.”

According to PETA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has suspended operations at JBS’ Grand Island facility four times since April 2016 for incidents in which cows and steers were shot multiple times during inept stunning attempts.

In January, workers fired three captive-bolt blasts at a cow who bled from the nose as five minutes passed between the first and final shots.

On August 16th, workers shackled a “bright, alert and responsive” cow by the leg and hoisted the flailing animal upside down, with his or her head dangling about 3 feet above the floor, before shooting the cow twice with a bolt gun.

JBS is the parent company of Smithfield Beef, Pilgrim’s Pride, Swift, and other well-known meat brands.

As always, WAN promotes a plant-based lifestyle to improve one’s health, help the environment, and spare the lives of innocent animals such as these poor cows.

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