Potbellied Pig Found Wandering In An Intersection In Memphis Was Saved & Adopted To A Good Home

Memphis Animal Services

In a matter of days, a potbellied pig found wandering in an intersection in Memphis on Friday, was rescued by good Samaritans, delivered to the local animal shelter, had its name changed to Petey, and became a social media sensation.

Even better, when put up for adoption today, Petey was adopted within minutes!

Memphis Animal Services (MAS) had posted several updates on its Facebook page about the endearing pig prior to the wonderful news it shared this afternoon.

“She enjoys meeting friends who will pet her, especially if they will give her snacks,” the organization noted.

According to WREG, the shelter also quickly realized that Petey was well socialized, friendly, and preferred snuggling in blankets to hanging out in a barn.

“This is clearly a house pet. This is not a barn pig,’” Alexis Pugh with MAS told the news outlet. “This is not a pig that certainly needs to be eaten or considered as a breakfast meat.”


As per Memphis city code, a permit is required to keep a pig.

Since Petey had not been reclaimed by his owner, he became available for adoption today and was in search of a home where he could “live mostly inside or in a temperature-controlled area.”

Equally important, a home where he would receive lots of love and attention.

Video posted on Facebook of Petey enjoying blankets, fruit and much-deserved attention inside the shelter was shared more than 1,000 times in a 24-hour-period; perhaps leading to the happy ending when this little piggy (well, 47-pound piggy) went home!

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