Protestors Gather In Boston At Powderhorn Outfitters’ Shocking Coyote Killing Contest

Photos by Craig F. Walker, Boston Globe

A heated protest took place this past weekend outside of a store in Boston that was holding an appalling coyote killing competition.

Approximately 75 people with strongly diverse opinions lined the street in front of Powderhorn Outfitters, a local gun shop touting its “first annual Coyote Killing Contest.”

According to the Boston Globe, a chartered fishing trip was among the prizes people could win for killing the biggest coyote and the greatest cumulative weight of animals killed.

“Killing animals for pleasure is the number-one symptom of psychopathy,” an animal rights advocate reportedly said at the protest while others held signs such as “Trophy killing upsets Mother Nature’s own balance.”

Also in attendance were gun enthusiasts and hunters, who claim to “protect” people and domestic animals from the coyotes. Many of whom responded by callously holding a barbecue in the parking lot outside the store and displaying signs stating “Coyote, the other white meat.” Sickening.

Sadly, hunting coyotes is legal for licensed hunters in wildlife management zones across Massachusetts from October through March of each year with no limits on how many coyotes can be killed.

“These photos from the Boston Globe really drove home why our protest was needed and why we need to continue to spread compassion and kindness toward animals,” stated Boston Animal Save in a post on its Facebook page.

The shop’s management issued a statement that while the store “values the rights of non-hunters to express their views,” they “proudly support outdoorsmen in upholding the tradition of hunting.” Really?

This is tragic on so many levels!

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