Tell Qdoba Mexican Eats: Stop Supporting Chicken Torture!


“Did your chicken come from a house of horrors,” inquires Joe Wexler who is reaching out to the public to help prevent a specific case of cruelty to animals. “If you eat at Qdoba, the answer is likely yes.”

According to Mercy For Animals, Qdoba Mexican Eats permits its suppliers “to abuse chickens in ways other chains have banned for being too cruel.”

From being raised in the dark, to growing so large they cannot even support their own weight, to spending most of their time sitting in their own waste, these chickens have a painful and dismal existence.

Worse is the fact that during their slaughter, the chickens are fully conscious when they are shackled and shocked with electricity before having their throats slit. Tragically, many end up scalded alive.

Unlike most restaurant chains, such as Chipotle and Panera Bread, which post public declarations of their commitment to improve the welfare of the chickens they use, Qdoba refuses to publish even the most basic of chicken welfare policy.

Wexler encourages others to address the situation and request that Qdoba “adopt the same basic welfare commitments for chickens as their competitors” as well as to boycott the restaurants until their demand for transparency is met.

It suggests that Qdoba should source only chickens from farms that use higher-welfare breeds and provide enrichments, among other changes such as; improving the quality of light the chickens are exposed to. It insists the restaurant should never use live-shackle slaughter.

To enforce this, it believes that Qdoba should be audited by a third-party to ensure compliance of these standards once they are enacted.

According to its website, Qdoba can be found in 48 states and Canada, in addition to ancillary outlets at shopping malls, airports and universities.


 Video Credit: Mercy For Animals 


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