Rare White African Lion Cub Rescued From Canned Hunting Facility Finds New Home At Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary In Texas


Photos from KLTV

A special little lion cub was introduced to her new home this week after being rescued from a canned hunting facility. She’s now safe at Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary in Tyler, Texas.

The Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary is a 173-acre wildlife preserve that provides more than 40 rescued big cats and other endangered species with a natural habitat-like setting.

Sadly, because of human interaction, this is the only option. Releasing these big cats back into the wild would pose a threat to the animals themselves and humans. Also, as a cub, this baby would not have a mother to teach it how to survive.

The Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary is also worlds away from the tragic life this baby faced before being rescued from a canned hunting facility where exotic animals are bred to later become “trophies” for hunters. The deplorable practice keeps poor captive animals in fenced areas, ensuring that they have no chance to escape when so-called hunters with loaded guns come to shoot them and claim their so-called “prize.”

According to Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary, two-month-old Luna, who is currently being bottle-fed, will grow to weigh an estimated 350 pounds.

“It is estimated that less than 500 white lions are left in the entire world. Luna has no idea just how special she is, not just to us, but to her species,” Emily Owen, Director of Tiger Creek, told CBS19. “A lot of people think the white lion is an albino, but research has shown that the coloration is genetic.”

White Lion cubs are born when both parents carry a recessive mutation in a gene that makes colored pigments.

Protecting White Lions for the future of our planet is critical to the survival of all lion species in the wild.


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