More Reasons To Go Plant-Based After Horrific Conditions Have Been Exposed At Spanish Pig Farm That Supplies El Pozo Sausages

Animal Equality

Animal protection organization Animal Equality is calling on U.K. retailers to remove all El Pozo products from their shelves and websites immediately and replace them with plant-based alternatives.

The demand comes after unfathomable animal suffering was discovered at a farm that supplies the brand of Spanish sausages to major U.K. retailers including Morrisons, Amazon U.K., and British butcher shops.

Animal Equality worked in collaboration with the television show Salvados to capture devastating footage which revealed pigs in grotesquely cruel conditions, in violation of the law, suffering for days and weeks on end. Images from the shocking investigation were broadcast on national Spanish TV on Sunday night.

Numerous animals, all lacking adequate veterinary care, were found with a variety of life-threatening ailments including infected abscesses and giant hernias, severe deformities, and ulcers covered with flies and larvae.

Many were discovered living in pens with corpses while others were unable to stand. They were being trampled and eaten by other pigs who had been without food for several days.

According to Animal Equality, the sickening scenes filmed at the farm which supplies Spanish meat giant El Pozo, are among the worst animal suffering the organization has ever documented.

Animal Equality has submitted its evidence to the Spanish authorities and is demanding that those responsible for this extreme cruelty be prosecuted and jailed.

The organization is also reminding people that reducing and eliminating animal products from their diet is the number one way to help farmed animals.

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