Domesticated Duck That Was Discarded In A Lake & Unable To Swim Is Rescued & Now Recovering At An Animal Sanctuary In Indiana

A duck is recovering after a harrowing weekend that could have been her last had it not been for a compassionate man who came to her rescue.

On Monday, Greg Clare of Portage, Indiana delivered the duck along with her “buddy” to their new forever home at Erin’s Farm, a Hobart-based animal sanctuary.

“These two domestic ducks were released by someone at Oak Ridge Prairie pond in Griffith. Somehow one duck ended up with a fishing hook & line stuck to her bill,” the non-profit posted on its Facebook page. “After swimming with this line attached to her for days, it eventually got tangled in seaweed out in deep water. The duck was unable to swim to shore & was battling pure exhaustion as she swam in circles tangled in deep water.”

Clare was among the people who were frantically trying to rescue the duck before she drowned from exhaustion.

According to the Erin’s Farm, Clare eventually was able to obtain an inflatable boat and permission from the town to rescue the ducks. It is believed that the domesticated ducks were intentionally discarded in the lake.

Sadly, the fishing line that was tangled around one of the duck’s leg cut off her circulation leaving her with a swollen leg and a bad limb that might be permanent, but fortunately, both ducks are now safe.

“Let me take this moment to remind everyone that purchasing a domestic duck because they are “cute” and then letting it go when the novelty wears off at the local lake is NOT acceptable. Domestic ducks cannot fly and cannot escape predators,” the sanctuary warned. “They associate people with food and often cannot find enough to survive. If they are lucky enough to make it to winter, they become bait for coyotes once the pond freezes.”

“Please resist the urge to rescue a baby duck from the feed store. If you don’t plan on keeping it for its natural life, you are giving them nothing but a death sentence,” the post concluded. “Living animals are not toys, gifts, novelty items or playthings. They are living beings. Please stop.”

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