Respect Wildlife And Fight Against Captivity


We all desire the ability to admire the beauty of the wild, but it must be done safely.

At a drive-through wildlife safari in Beijing, China, a mother was killed by a tiger while attempting to rescue her daughter.

Prior to her mother’s death, the daughter carelessly opened the door and stepped out of the driver’s seat due to a fight with her husband. Seconds later, she was dragged by a large Siberian tiger across the cement.

In an effort to save her daughter, the mother ran out of the car to follow the tiger, but was brutally mauled.

Thankfully, the daughter survived, as well as the husband and child (also in the car) who both sustained minor injuries.

It is clearly noted while driving through the park to “cherish your life and never get out of your car.” Signs stressing this message are spread throughout the park.

As the park contains approximately 10,000 wild animals, the repetition of signs regarding safety measures seems appropriate.

This is not the first incident that has taken place in the park. In 2009, an 18-year-old man accidentally infiltrated the tiger enclosure with two other friends. Another case happened later in 2014 when an elephant killed a security guard who stepped outside of his vehicle while patrolling.

We now have the opportunity to view wildlife as it dwells in its natural habitat, but we must respect the animals’ space. Visitors should always remember that they are entering the animals’ territory and should respect and abide by allowing them tend to their business without human intervention.


Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 12.46.23 PMAuthor Jack Schulman is 16 years old and heads the youth division of WAN. He recently finished his sophomore year at Beverly Hills High School and has a passion for raising awareness for animal welfare.

Source: NY Times




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