Reward Tops $10,000 To Find The Coward Who Shot One Of Yellowstone’s Beloved White Wolves

Heart of the Wild Yellowstone

The search is on for the person or persons responsible for the tragic death of White Lady who was one of three white wolves to still call Yellowstone National Park home.

According to a recent Care2 post, the current reward offered for information leading to the conviction of White Lady’s killer is now more than $10,800 after Montana-based non-profit Wolves of the Rockies generously matched Yellowstone National Park’s original $5,000 bounty.

At 12 years old, White Lady was one of the park’s most loved and coveted wolves.

She was reportedly found mortally wounded on April 11th on the north side of Yellowstone near Gardiner, Montana.

Sadly, due to the severity of her wound, White Lady had to be euthanized. A necropsy conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service later discovered that the alpha female of the Canyon Pack had been shot with a rifle.

Associated Press reported that Marc Cooke, president of Wolves of the Rockies, believed that opponents of wolves in Yellowstone National Park were responsible for the crime.

As per the news outlet, ever since wolves were reintroduced in the park more than two decades ago, many hunting outfitters and ranchers have remained disgruntled due to the fact that “wolves prey on big-game animals and sometimes cattle.”

Hunting wolves in Yellowstone is currently against the law, but appallingly it is still legal in two states that border the national park; Idaho, and to a limited extent, Montana, as well as Wyoming. The latter state legalized wolf hunting in March of this year after a horrible decision by the federal appeals court ruled they were considered vermin that could be killed on sight.

While now only two white wolves remain at the park, according to its website “as of January 2016, there were at least 98 wolves in 10 packs living primarily in Yellowstone and 528 wolves living within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.”

Anyone with information about White Lady’s killer(s) is asked to either call the National Park Service Investigative Services Branch (ISB) tip line at 888-653-0009, send a text to 202-379-4761, submit a tip online, send an email to, or leave a message on their Facebook or Twitter.

We will find White Lady’s Killer and justice will be served!

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