Ric O’Barry’s The Dolphin Project Announces Ban On Selling Dolphins In The Dominican Republic!

Ric O’Barry’s The Dolphin Project, the longest-running, anti-captivity dolphin welfare organization in the world, has announced that the Dominican Republic has passed a resolution that prohibits the sale of dolphins.

As noted on its website, “According to legislation published by the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, while creating more dolphinariums is not banned, nor is it illegal for existing dolphinariums to operate, for a period of five years, dolphins cannot be purchased or sold, thus, making it more difficult, if not impossible to open any new facilities.”

“We applaud the Ministry for taking this action, as this is an important advance for local activists who have been working hard to defend the freedom of dolphins,” the organization stated on its website. “Dolphin Project encourages the government to extend this legislation indefinitely, and eliminate facilities, including swim-with programs that continue to keep dolphins captive for profit.”

Founded on Earth Day in 1970, The Dolphin Project has remained at the forefront of ending dolphin captivity and promoting their rehabilitation and release.

The Dolphin Project

“As we commemorate our 48th year this Earth Day,” Ric O’Barry shared in a letter, “we ask that you continue to share our blogs and social media posts, consider supporting Dolphin Project with a recurring donation and encourage others to take the pledge to NOT buy a ticket to a dolphin show.

“Collectively, we have done much towards ending dolphin abuse and with your help,” noted O’Barry, ” we will continue to do so.”

More ways you can help The Dolphin Project are available HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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