RIP Zambia Roderick, A Hero Who Risked His Life To Save Endangered Species

Zambia, Roderick (second to the right) was an incredible ranger who risked his life to save Africa’s endangered wildlife. Sadly, he was shot and killed in a ambush yesterday by poachers along the Mweteshi River.

Roderick was always willing to be the first to step into a poachers camp to protect the animals. On Saturday, whilst patrolling the upper Mweteshi, his patrol came across fresh poacher tracks. They could not make contact that same day but on Sunday the camp was thankfully located.

Roderick was the first scout to enter the clearing where a ambush was set. He fell to a single shot. The attacker ran forward to try to get a hold of his service rifle but was wounded in the arm when the scouts returned fire.

Roderick sacrificed his life to save our wildlife. Let us honor him. Rest In Peace to this incredible Hero!

Via: Deka Unit Anti Poaching Operations

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