Rock Legend & Hart N Dagger Founder Jon Bon Jovi Makes Compassion The Fashion With Vegan Leather In His Clothing Line


Legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi is known for many things from his striking good looks to his exceptional talent when striking chords and notes in such hits songs as Wanted Dead Or Alive and Livin’ On A Prayer.

As of last year, he also became known as the man behind Hart N Dagger, a luxury brand that sells T-shirts, “workshirts,” sweaters, accessories, and a whole lot of denim.

Today, WAN is thrilled to share that Jon Bon Jovi is also now becoming known for replacing the real leather patches on the back of his line’s jeans with faux leather, as well as opting to use vegan alternatives to any other items that incorporate animal skins!

Hart N Dagger – Jon Bon Jovi’s clothing line will replace leather patches bearing its logo with ones made of vegan alternatives.

Jon reportedly didn’t miss a beat about deciding to change to faux leather after PETA issued an appeal to him explaining that the cows used to make leather routinely have their throats slit while they are still conscious.

Customers are going wild over this new development, as are we at WAN!

“Classics never go out of style. The ripped, the studded, the bleached, those are all denim trends that come and go,” states the company website which continues with powerful words and wisdom to live by. “We believe no matter what you do, don’t do it for today, do it for a lifetime.”

May this be the beginning of a lifetime of designing and wearing “innovative and trendy vegan versions” of clothing and accessories that become classics of the future.

Tragically, millions of cows whose skins are turned into leather are on the receiving end of such inhumane practices as branding, tail-docking, dehorning, and castration; all excruciating and horrific, all without painkillers.

As per PETA, turning animals’ skin into leather also requires 130 different chemicals, including cyanide. Leather production creates massive amounts of carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

WAN always encourages people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle that incorporates veganism in everything from what people eat to what they wear. The animals deserve it and we do too!

The time to change is now, quite literally!


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