VICTORY! Romania Becomes Latest Country To Ban Wild Animals In Circuses!


Romania has become the latest country to ban circuses from exploiting wild animals such as lions, tigers, and bears for entertainment purposes.

As per a bill approved by the Romanian Parliament yesterday; the new rule applies to wild animals that have been born in captivity or captured from their natural habitat regardless of how tame they may be.

Romania is now among four countries that currently ban the use of most wild animals. Belgium, Bulgaria and the Netherlands have enacted similar restrictions.

While this is fantastic news, we need the “most” to change to “all!”

Sadly, some animals such as dolphins, horses and exotic birds are still legally permitted to be used in Romanian circus performances.

“No tiger, lion, bear, or elephant will suffer any more in Romania for the amusement of people,” Magor Csibi, director of WWF Romania declared in a statement.” Our society is evolving.”

While President Klaus Lohannis’ signature is still required before the bill becomes law, a report by AFP explained that all circuses would have 18 months to transfer the animals to zoos or local reserves.

Circus owners who do not comply with the new mandate may face criminal charges, as well as a one-year prison sentence.

According to the AFP, the Romanian Parliament’s decision came after 11 animals, including two tigers, perished in a fire in January at a building in Bucharest that was owned by Romania’s Globus Circus.

As always, WAN urges the public to not visit any shows that promote the use of animals for entertainment.

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