Sad News! Beloved Galgamuwe Tusker’s Carcass Discovered In Sri Lanka After The Elephant Was Suspected Being Poached For It’s Ivory

The carcass of an elephant believed to be tusker ‘Galgamuwe Dala Poottuwa’ was sadly recovered this afternoon by the Special Task Force (STF) inside the Kahalla-Pallekele Sanctuary in Thabbowa, Sri Lanka.

Suspicions that the elephant may have been killed heightened last week when two poaching suspects were arrested after being found in possession of a pair of uniquely curved elephant tusks along with organic ivory gemstones.

The beloved elephant had reportedly disappeared more than two months ago.

According to the Daily Mirror, the suspects aged 32 and 40, who are residents of Galgamuwa and Moragollagama, were arrested by the Walana Anti-Corruption Unit on Thursday, November 23, 2017.

Wildlife Conservation Department Deputy Director Manjula Amararathna confirmed the news noting that the tusker’s body had been identified by members of the Department’s Veterinarians who had previously treated the animal.

The Sunday Times has also since revealed that one of the suspects was a local named Grama Niladhari, while the other, his brother-in-law, was a former police officer.

As per the media outlet, ‘Galgamuwe Dala Poottuwa’ was a popular wild tusker, whose distinctive tusks and reputation for being harmless had endeared him to people in the area. Tragically, he had recently lost the sight in one eye and was last seen alive limping after suffering a gunshot wound in his leg.

The STF was one of six groups comprised of wildlife officers and police that had commenced search operations within the Galgamuwa range where the tusker was last spotted.

We must all work together to end the demand for Ivory and Rhino horn, along with other endangered species’ parts, NOW before it’s too late!

R.I.P Sweet Angel

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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