Safari Club International’s Ego-Driven Abomination Of A Convention In Las Vegas This Week


Safari Club International and its Ultimate Hunters’ Convention has tragically descended on Las Vegas this week running from Feb. 1–4, 2017. Where hunters from around the world will come to gloat and show off how to be “Real” men and women by proving how they can hunt some of the most endangered and threatened species on the planet.

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Safari Club International states on their website that they are interested in protecting hunters’ rights and promoting wildlife conservation, which is clearly a lie. SCI’s two areas of focus, historically has been the interest of hundreds of individuals long before SCI was established. What that really means in fulfilling the ego of hunting a wild defenseless animal with a gun or bow and arrow for something they call a “sport”. Isn’t a sport considered a game that both parties know they are playing?

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In February 2016, individuals in 35 cities in 6 countries around the world will come together to speak out for the animals being killed by trophy hunters. While we remember Cecil, we also remember all animals, both international and domestic, who are having their precious lives cut short by wealthy individuals with too much ego and time on their hands. The death of Cecil The Lion in 2015 created a worldwide outrage and at that time we promised never to forget and to never, ever stop fighting for justice and to be a voice for the voiceless.

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The 2nd Worldwide Rally For Cecil by Compassion Works International will take place on February 4, 2017 and will coincide with the annual conference of Safari Club International this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rallies will take place all over the world, as we collectively show trophy hunters that we will not accept the merciless slaughter of our precious wildlife any longer. This is to raise awareness about international and domestic trophy hunting and to take a stand for the hunters’ helpless victims.

Join us in taking part in the largest anti-trophy hunting rally in the world!

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.41.56 AMFor More Information on How You Can Join The Protest, Visit: or e-mail Compassion Works International at:


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