Saving Orphaned Wildlife!

There is no more dedicated mother than the mother bear. Her babies are born in the dead of winter and weigh only one pound. It is only through her vigilance that they survive. There can be no greater sorrow for a baby bear than to lose their mother. It is a great privilege for us to offer an orphaned cub safety, nurturing, and a chance to return to the wild.

Starting the Orphaned Wildlife Center had been a dream of ours for years after finally being incorporated in 2015. Although we have been licensed wildlife rehabilitators since 1996, it was our experience with a young, injured black bear in 2012 that became the inspiration to start the Orphaned Wildlife Center.

We have 11 bears of varying species living on our property. They are part of our Educational Program. Out of all of our life’s experiences, the time that we have spent in the company of our bears has been the most rewarding.

Our unique relationship with them is based on endless trust and caring. We have known them all of their lives, and we will always remain committed to them.

By: Orphaned Wildlife- Jenny, Amy, and Maddy were first to welcome Jim home in this video. Frankie joins in at the end!

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