The Seabin Project: Saving Our Oceans & Marine Life For Future Generations


The Seabin Project was designed as an automated rubbish bin that catches floating rubbish, oil, fuel and detergents. The Seabin helps to clean our oceans and save our marine life from plastic pollution in our water.

Seabins are made for floating docks in marinas, private pontoons, inland waterways, residential lakes, harbours, water ways, ports and yacht clubs.

The goal of this amazing invention is to keep our oceans clean and to help rid the oceans of plastics and pollution.

Seabins are created from the most sustainable materials and processes available, in order to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. To reduce shipping, Seabins are manufactured in countries of installation, in order to create and support local economies with the production worldwide.

The Seabin Project would like to setup educational programs for students, in order to show them how to convert our captured plastic into energy and to reuse and recycle Seabins for alternative uses.

Unltimatly, The Seasbin Project would like to be a part of the solution for pollution free oceans and a greener future for our planet and our children.

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