Search Is On For Rhino Poacher Who Was Shot & Escaped Hospital In London

Sydney Malose pictured in Herald Live

Police are searching for a suspected Mozambican rhino poacher, Sydney Malose, who escaped from a hospital in East London on Friday despite being shackled to a bed and under police guard.

The 35-year-old perpetrator received gunshot wounds the arm and leg during a shoot-out with officials last week before being captured by the anti-poaching unit at Great Fish River Nature Reserve.

According to an article in the Herald Live police are currently working to find the injured suspect, who managed to escape leaving behind an empty bed and a pair of bolt cutters, to re-arrest him.

While they have not found Malose yet, the team of searchers did, however, find three additional rhino poachers hiding in the bushes preparing for their next kill.

Members of the public are warned to alert the nearest police if they notice the suspect in their vicinity.

“He may be dangerous,” warned police spokesman Captain Khaya Tonjeni who confirmed in EWN that steps would be taken against police officers suspected of negligence or allowing the suspect to make a getaway. “Do not try to apprehend him.”

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