Serial Cat Killer Robert Farmer Receives Maximum Sentence Of 16 Years In Prison

A San Jose man learned Friday that he had received a sentence of 16 years behind bars for the torture and killing of up to 18 cats in late 2015.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Sharon A. Chatman ruled that 26-year-old Robert Farmer was “a danger to society,” and deserved the maximum sentence possible.

Fortunately, as reported by, Chatman rejected the defense attorney’s argument that Farmer was in a methamphetamine “frenzy” when he committed the heinous crimes as well as Farmer’s word that he would never do something as “cruel, sadistic and inexcusable” again.

“He likes to hurt living things,” stated Chatman. “We need to make sure he doesn’t do that for as long as possible.”

Farmer was originally arrested on October 8, 2015, after officers found him sleeping in his car alongside multiple cat collars and a dead orange tabby. He subsequently pled guilty last year to 20 counts of felony animal cruelty, one count of attempted felony animal cruelty, one count of simple battery and one count of using or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

The prosecutor also argued, unsuccessfully, to have Farmer legally registered as a sex offender as well due to some questionable evidence.

Now, after receiving credit for good behavior and time served, Farmer is scheduled to spend the next 13 years in jail unless he violates any rules or commits additional crimes while in custody.

Once released from prison sometime in 2030, Farmer is forbidden to return to San Jose’s Cambrian Park neighborhood and is banned from owning or caring for animals for a period of 10 years.

A victory, of sorts.

WAN, like many others, believe dangerous criminals such as Farmer should never be allowed to own or care for animals for the rest of their lives!

While animal advocates everywhere can breathe a collective sigh of relief that deplorable animal abusers such as Farmer are, in some cases, beginning to receive consequences that are more appropriate for the crimes they commit, there will never be anything remotely “fair” about situations like these where innocent animals are senselessly killed by human hands, greed and interference.

One can only imagine the pain and suffering that people endured after losing their beloved cats to this monster. Many of them, reportedly were present in the crowded courtroom to deliver emotionally-charged pleas for justice prior to the sentencing.

Sadly, officers were only able to locate four feline bodies, but investigators were able to link Farmer to some of the other cats by testing blood and DNA that was found on his clothing and inside of his vehicle.

Tears flowed as the compassionate judge took the necessary time to respectfully list every cat by name, from “Does” 1 through 11, to Angel, Gogo, Rayden, Thumper, Jupiter, Traveler, and Tiger.

May their sweet innocent souls rest in peace!

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