Shanghai Wild Animal Park Forces Neglected Australian Greyhounds To Race Cheetahs For “Show”

Animals Australia

Tragically, Shanghai Wild Animal Park is in the news again for its horrific and cruel treatment of the very animals it should be protecting.

Australian greyhounds have been revealed as the latest victims exploited by the notoriously depraved zoo which boastfully launched its highly-criticized Wild Animal Olympics more than a decade ago.

Daily Telegraph 

The park has previously come under fire for equally appalling incidents such as, a bear mauling a monkey during a bicycle race and live ducks being fed to resident crocodiles by visitors.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it is common for retired Australian greyhounds to be sold to animal parks and zoos.

Sadly, the already abused dogs who end up at Shanghai Wild Animal Park are forced into an even more tragic existence; no longer competing against each other but instead, they are heartlessly pitted against African cheetahs in a “one-hundred-metre race” for the title of “fastest in the animal kingdom.”

Sunday Morning Herald

At least 40 greyhounds were recently observed confined in horrid conditions by Kerry Elliman who operates Birmingham Greyhound Protection in England, and was responsible for rescuing 12 Irish greyhounds from the Chinese dog meat trade last year before rehoming them in England.

Elliman, who noted that the only times the dogs were let out was to participate in the race against the cheetahs, is presently on a campaign to not only rescue the dogs, but to also gain access to their ear tattoos to “expose every single trainer that sent them there.”

“It’s not a lost cause just yet,” Elliman stated in the article. “The park has mentioned money and said they would be willing to work with us in letting us have the dogs, but we have to go through the Shanghai government. So far, it’s been impossible to get anyone there to talk to me.”

A previous 2015 investigation conducted by Animals Australia revealed that the captive greyhounds at Shanghai Wild Animal Park were housed in a sweltering “prison” with little food or water. Horrifically, it further claimed that any injured greyhounds were fed live to the big cats.

“We had hoped that the greyhound industry would seek to negotiate the release of these Australian greyhounds,” stated Lyn White from Animals Australia. “That they have been left to live out their lives in the most miserable of circumstances is incredibly sad.”

“In these modern times, there is no place for a ruthless gambling industry that so callously uses these trusting dogs, only to so frequently discard them when they are no longer seen as ‘profitable,’” states the organization’s website. “Help us create a brighter future for greyhounds – one that takes these loving dogs from the racing kennels, and restores them to their long-held position as man’s best friend.”

People are encouraged to learn more Here about ways they can help Greyhounds and speak out against this cruel “sport.”

Donations can also be made directly to: Birmingham Greyhound Protection


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