Shark or Man, Who Is The Real Predator Here? TV & Radio Host Mario Lopez Chimes In

Scary incidents with Great White sharks are prone to happening in dangerous waters such as the one that took place in Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

While attempting to capture photos of one of the most well-known shark species, the Great White Shark, one of these massive fish broke into the same cage as the photographer in an attempt to eat bait being lured for photos, as opposed to attempting to attack the human. Thinking sharply, the crew assisted the diver by opening the top hatch of the cage, but the diver was still submerged. The shark was eventually able to escape through the open hatch and swim away relatively uninjured. The diver stayed submerged for nearly a minute until he finally made his was out, miraculously uninjured.

Brian Skerry, an underwater photographer who’s been dealing with these great whites for decades, says the diver was more likely to get slammed by the shark rather than being bitten.

The way we think about sharks is all wrong. We tend to call sharks out for their desire for human blood, but that’s just the false reputation we have given the species. The shark that took part in the incident wasn’t trying to attack the photographer, merely the tuna bait inside the cage. “It is a fact that a very small percentage of sharks ever intend to hurt anyone, attacks are based largely on confusion” says Mario Lopez, host of Extra and the nationally syndicated radio show On With Mario. He himself will soon be doing the same shark dive. Knowing this information, Mr. Lopez was also asked to share his feelings on the safety of these dives. “It was a freak accident and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to dive with these majestic creatures. Not one I would ever pass up.”

These dives can be extremely dangerous even with the most seasoned professionals and it is debated whether diving with sharks is something people should stop doing. Mr. Lopez added, “there is nothing wrong with these shark dives. As a matter of fact, I think they are extremely beneficial to be able to witness these beautiful animals in the wild and study their behavior.” Mario brings up a great point considering there is an average of 4 fatal shark attacks each year over the last decade.* Humans seem to be the true predator. For every human killed by a shark, there are 25 million sharks killed by humans. We need to become more aware of their importance to the eco system and be able to observe and respect them without causing harm. These mistaken creatures belong in the ocean, not in soup!

*Shark attack figures are from the International Shark Attack File:

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