Shocking Campaign & Photos Reveal Horrific Conditions At UK-Based Hogwood Pig Farm

Photo Credits: Viva!

Last week, new photos emerged further exposing the abhorrent conditions that an estimated 15,000 pigs are subjected to at an appalling factory farm in Warwickshire, England.

The graphic photos were taken at Hogwood Farm which is the same vile location that was the subject of sickening and difficult to watch video footage that was released last month by Viva! following one of its undercover investigations. The pro-vegan animal welfare organization simultaneously launched a campaign urging that the house of horrors be closed down.

Published in the Mirror, the images depict “piles of pig bones in a grisly woodland ‘graveyard’” found on land registered to the farm which supplies pork for Tesco; a leading seller which serves millions of customers both online and in stores with locations in the UK, India, Malaysia, Lotus, Czech Republic, Hungary, and China among others.

In an accompanying article, Viva! founder Juliet Gellatley described the horror they experienced upon finding a mountain of pig bones covered with moss and undergrowth.

“Walking into woods strewn with bodily remains, I felt like I’d walked into the aftermath of a war zone,” Gellatley vividly recounted also noting the risk the situation posed to human health as well. “We found 12 skulls, jaws, shoulder bones and legs scattered around and a mound filled with rotting remains; like a macabre scene from a horror film. But these victims were alive and suffered and died for nothing.”

As per Viva!’s website, the “shocking findings at Hogwood reveal not only the widespread neglect and abuse of pigs but also the failings of a government and industry to effectively protect the welfare of factory farmed animals in Britain today.”

The horrific footage the organization captured last month revealed extreme overcrowding of pigs, routine tail mutilations, cruel farrowing crates, filthy and waterlogged floors, sick and dying pigs, decaying and maggot-infested piglets left to rot in a wheelbarrow and a dead pig being eaten by another one.

As per the Mirror, Tesco officials had recently inspected the farm.

Viva! also noted that in 2016, there were alarmingly only 31 farmed animal welfare convictions in Britain and, as in 2015, these were mainly for ‘visible animals’ that were housed outside such as sheep and cattle.

The organization maintains that this proves that the protection of factory farm animals is not of high, if any, importance to the British government.

Viva! is demanding for Hogwood to be held accountable for its appallingly inhumane treatment of pigs; and ultimately, permanently closed.

People can take action by signing Viva!’s petition Here! 

Donations to the organization which claims that “the single most important thing you can do, as a consumer, is to go vegan,” can also be made Here!

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