Shocking Footage Reveals Horrific Treatment & Living Conditions Of Pigs Raised For Highly-Priced “Parma” Italian Meat In Europe & Throughout The World

Euro Group For Animals

Shocking new footage has been released documenting the brutal and consistent reality of pigs raised for some of the most highly-priced pork products around the globe, Parma and other Italian specialty hams including San Daniele.

Most consumers are unaware of the deplorable conditions in which millions of pigs are reared across Europe. Yet, the overwhelming majority of Europe’s pigs never see daylight or breathe fresh air. They spend their entire lives in windowless, overcrowded and filthy sheds before being sent to slaughter.

Illegal practices such as routine tail docking, overcrowding, consistent lack of hygiene and veterinary care, and total disregard for the welfare of the animals are further exposed as a result of the undercover investigation.

While these new revelations build on earlier scandals involving the Parma consortium, Euro Group For Animals noted on its website that this is the first time that these horrific malpractices are documented in such depth and scope.

“These revelations are all the more shocking in light of the fact that this is an industry that receives millions of EU subsidies for promotion measures without having to effectively respect the most basic animal welfare requirements first,” Reineke Hameleers, Eurogroup for Animals Director said in a statement. ‘‘How much more misleading can a product be for consumers: Animals raised for Italy’s most prestigious cured meat are being treated in ways that are illegal and deeply immoral, while consumers are asked to pay a premium price!”

The pigs are the victims paying the premium price with their lives!

While this investigation focused on a specific country and brands including Parma, the findings further point to a tragic and universal issue worldwide.

Sadly, these cruel and inhumane conditions, that no animal should ever be forced to endure, are experienced by pigs reared in factory-farms, not only in Europe but everywhere!

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