Shocking Undercover Sheep-Shearing Video Reveals Patagonia “Wool Standard” Not So “Responsible” Afterall


A new undercover video appears to unravel the sheer horror pregnant sheep are subjected to when manhandled and manipulated for their wool.

Obtained by PETA, the graphic filmed evidence shows workers roughly handling sheep at a Utah sheep-shearing operation used by Red Pine Land & Livestock, LLC: a global clothing company Patagonia lauded on its website, until recently, as “excellent partners” in holding up the “rigorous criteria” mandated by its alleged “Responsible Wool Standard.”

“PETA’s latest video exposé, which shows that heavily pregnant sheep were whipped and cut up for a Patagonia-approved wool producer, offers further proof that no so-called “welfare standards” can protect sheep used for wool from suffering,” PETA Director Anne Brainard explained exclusively to WAN. “In the last few years, PETA has released exposés at dozens of facilities on three continents revealing that sheep are mutilated, abused, and skinned alive for wool; including for wool supplied to Patagonia that the company deemed ‘sustainable.’”

“PETA offered to join Patagonia on sheep farm and slaughterhouse visits to assess conditions, but Patagonia declined our offer and continues to hide behind its lip service to animal welfare. The only surefire way to source a responsible and humane product is to source a vegan one,” concluded Brainard.

The appalling video filmed in April showed heavily pregnant sheep being dragged by their fleece into a trailer and dropped onto its hard floor; many left with bloody wounds up to 5 inches long as the result of the fast, violent work of shearers who are often paid by volume, not by the hour.


After being whipped on their heads, backs, and hindquarters, the vulnerably exposed sheep were driven into the desert to give birth while battling temperatures as low as 32 degrees.

According to a Press Release issued by PETA yesterday, Red Pine has since dropped its contract with Patagonia in a dispute that, shamefully, has nothing to do with the conditions under which the sheep are housed and handled.


PETA had previously called out another former Patagonia supplier in Argentina as well as exposed other such well-known brands as J. Crew, Coach and Guess, among many others, for sourcing wool, fur, and angora for its products from questionable suppliers.

As per PETA’s website, sadly, the lambs born to Red Pine’s flock are considered the operations and product and are sold to California-based Superior Farms, the largest lamb slaughterer in the United States and a supplier to such giants as Walmart and Kroger.

Information on how to help PETA pressure Patagonia to stop the cruel and inhumane practice of sheep shearing, is available Here!

WAN also encourages people to abstain from buying anything that is made from sheep, be it something to wear or something to eat!

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