Shut Down The Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Mountain Village In China Where Tigers Are Horrifically Punched & Drugged For Fun

The largest and most reprehensible of all the tiger farms in China, Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Mountain Village in southern China is under fire again for the heinous and heart-wrenching practices and conditions that take place there.

Despite being run down, Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Mountain Village sadly remains a popular tourist destination. describes the loathsome location “as hell on Earth for over 1800 abused and emaciated tigers who are kept in deplorable conditions in small steel filth covered cages, with often no water or food, covered in feces.”

While the U.N. Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species required China to put a ban on tiger bone products in 1993, unbelievable acts such as drugging and punching tigers for fun continue to happen on a daily basis.

According to a 2016 post about the horrific Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Mountain Village, “Not only are tigers hit for entertainment at tiger farms, they’re often “speed bred:” tiger babies are taken away from mothers instantly after birth, and the mothers are forced to breed again swiftly. The babies are often used for selfies. Tigers are also killed so their bones can be used for tiger wine, which many believe acts as an aphrodisiac. There are up to 8,000 tigers forced to live in these horrific tiger farms, while only an estimated 3,200 tigers still live in the wild.”

A journalist on site also reported that there “was a tiger who’s tail was chewed through with the dead part left to hang, tourists throwing live animals like chickens to the tigers to witness the bloodshed, tourists beating and mistreating them for a crowd enjoying the show, and seeing bone wine and other tiger products like pelts, being openly sold,” despite the ban; which may be how these parks are able to survive.”

Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Mountain Village falsely claimed that any products made from tiger bones were solely from animals who had died of natural causes.

Biologists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have long-urged the National People’s Congress to strengthen animal welfare laws to end exploitation of animals, apparently to no avail.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) estimates there are approximately 200 of these horrific tiger farms in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

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Source:, Inhabitat
Photo Credits:, Inhabitat, South China Morning Post New York Times

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