Sign Care2 Petition To Urge Park In Thailand To Stop Using Tigers For Selfies!

Heartbreaking footage captured at The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm near the beach resort of Pattaya in Thailand has garnered more than four million views and sparked fury from animal advocates worldwide.

The painful footage includes a park employee, who has reportedly since been removed from the park, poking a chained and helpless tiger in the face with a red hot poker.

Unfortunately, the tiger is still there.

As often reported by WAN, it is not uncommon for parks like these to use tigers and other wild animals for photo ops in Thailand.

Tourists unaware or unconcerned about the wild animal’s poor treatment, pay to take pictures with these captive, often poorly treated animals.

Last year a host of organizations came out against the troubling trend of animal selfies and the dark secrets behind the smiling faces of the captive wild animal industry.

While some progress has been made raising awareness and limiting this type of abuse, including Instagram’s recent launch of an animal abuse alert system, there is much more that needs to be done to permanently end the practice.

Help send a message to the Million Years Stone Park and tell them to stop using animals for selfies, and request that the tigers be released to a sanctuary by signing a Care2 petition HERE!

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