Sign To Keep This Small Bird Considered A “Delicacy” From Ending Up On The Dinner Table


While awareness is growing about the horrors that ducks and geese are forced to endure for foie gras, another species of bird has been quietly suffering unbearable torture in the heartless production of food that should never be produced in the first place.

Sadly, every year the Ortolan Bunting, which is considered a delicacy in France, has to navigate a culinary death trap as it makes its way from Europe to Africa.

According to a new Care2 petition, year after year an estimated 1,500 poachers catch approximately 30,000 of these innocent birds to feed this lucrative market.

Horrifically, the poachers use nets that entangle whole flocks as they fly or apply glue to their favorite trees, in the process other birds are caught as bycatches and die needlessly.

Once caught, the poor birds are blinded in order to disrupt their feeding habits and forced to engorge themselves till they are plump enough to eat. Then they are drowned in brandy, cooked and served whole to awaiting customers.

Fortunately, on August 8, 2017, French Ecology Minister, Nicolas Hulot acknowledged the cruelty of this tradition and stated that he is committed to ending this shameful industry.

“Preserving biodiversity is essential to the future of our humanity, and it is the protection of a natural heritage that we have received as a legacy and that we must pass on to future generations for ethical as well as scientific reasons,” Hulot said in a statement.

Now animal advocates are urged to use their voice for the voiceless and sign a petition to ensure that Hulot follows through on his word to stop the atrocity that is Ortolan Bunting poaching.

People sign the petition HERE!

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