Sign Petition! Ban South African Canned Lion Farms That Raise Cubs To Be Killed As Trophies


While the lion population continues to decrease worldwide, in South Africa it appears to be thriving.

Sounds positive but it’s anything but….

Horrifically, South Africa is now home to an estimated 200 lion farms where thousands of big cats are bred and raised to be killed by wealthy hunters for trophies.

Cubs that are born into these murderous and unfathomably legal farms are often ripped from their mothers within days of being born to be used as tourist attractions until they are old enough to become prey for big game hunters.

Even worse is the fact that they are hunted and killed in what is known as “canned hunts” where captive lions are released in enclosed areas with no chance of escape and then shot to death by hunters from around the world for this so-called sick “sport”.

Shockingly, for hunters it is reportedly as easy as going online, choosing the lion they want to kill and pressing click before heading to South Africa to seize their trophy.

Approximately 6,000 to 8,000 lions are currently part of this appalling South African industry and according to a Care2 petition, it is estimated that the total number of lions raised on these farms could more than double by 2020 to 20,000 animals.

Please use your voice and signature to help end this cruel and heartbreaking practice and urge South Africa to ban canned lion hunting and shut down farms that raise wild animals to be killed for “trophies”. SIGN HERE!

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