Sign Important Petition Calling For The End Of Circuses That Exploit Wild Animals For Profit


As often reported by WAN, circuses have rightfully earned the reputation for being the cruelest shows on earth; primarily because of the use of violent training methods, constant confinement, and neglect of their wild animals who are used purely for entertainment and profit.

Fortunately, growing public awareness about the torturous lives of wild animals used in circuses and other traveling shows has resulted in a steady decline of wild animals performances.

Sadly though, many still exist around the world.

A Care2 petition circulating now points to Shrine Circuses, Carson & Barnes Circus, Carden Circus, Kelly Miller Circus, UniverSoul Circus, and many others that continue to exploit animals for “entertainment.”

PLEASE sign the petition to let the remaining circuses know that the time is NOW to stop using wild animals for entertainment, SIGN HERE!

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