Sign Petition! Chipotle Claims “No Animal Cruelty” But A New Investigation Reveals Their Suppliers Are Factory Farms

Recently, investigators with the animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) released an investigation of a chicken farm which supplies to Chipotle, revealing birds starving, crowded, and collapsed on the floor of a filthy industrial shed.

A former Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Chipotle restaurant manager, Rachel Ziegler, was instrumental in the covert operation.

As per Ziegler, while working for Chipotle, she trained team members in the company’s motto: Food with Integrity. The company prints on each of its bags, “No Animal Cruelty,” and employees are encouraged to talk about the humane conditions on Chipotle farms.

After watching a DxE investigation video of a Whole Foods “Certified Humane” “cage-free” egg farm, showing thousands of hens crammed into filthy industrial sheds, many of them sick, injured, starving, dying and dead, Zeigler was reminded of Chipotle’s own messaging, and she decided she wanted to find out more.

What she found was anything but humane!

She began sneaking photos of company packages to verify the suppliers. Shockingly, she noticed the same supplier name on the packages as a local factory farm: Bell and Evans. She drove by the facility and saw that, contrary to the company’s messaging, it was a massive industrial facility.

Once inside the facility, Zeigler found the polar opposite of the bucolic imagery in Chipotle ads and manuals. Thousands of birds were confined in a single, filthy shed. Baby chicks crowded together, many starving, injured, and dead.

“Consumers choose Chipotle because they care about animals,” Ziegler, who while investigating, rescued a suffering hen who now lives happily at a farm animal sanctuary, said in a statement. “But Chipotle abuses that trust, reaping millions in profits through lies and animal cruelty.”

The DxE activists call Chipotle’s misleading marketing “humane washing,” a reference to “greenwashing” by corporations who market their products as environmentally friendly, when in reality they are not.

Ziegler notes that, despite its professed concern for animal welfare, Chipotle often purchases meat from the same concentrated animal feedlot operations also known as so-called “factory farms” as other buyers; a fact verified with recent phone calls to various Chipotle locations.

Among the many problems with this case, The Global Animal Partnership standards which Chipotle touts have no enforcement mechanism. Even worse, there are no federal animal welfare protections for chickens, and Pennsylvania law exempts “normal agricultural operations” from its animal cruelty laws, to include such things as mass confinement, filthy air, and debeaking of baby chicks, leading to chronic pain.

With no accountability or enforcement mechanism, activists believe they have no choice but to take action themselves, and intend to continue to investigate and expose industry abuses.

People are encouraged to sign a petition created by Zeigler demanding that Chipotle stop hiding violence behind false “humane” marketing HERE!

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