Sign Petition Demanding Closure Of Slaughterhouse In Vermont That Is Violating The Law 

Vermont Packinghouse in North Springfield, Vermont has a troubling history of violating state and federal humane slaughter laws and has been fined numerous times.

It is also listed on the USDA’s website as one of two slaughterhouses with the highest number of suspensions resulting from repeated violations while slaughtering animals who were not stunned properly and were still conscious while butchered.

The slaughterhouse employees allegedly have a high rate of drug use which increases the likelihood of human error and animal suffering.

According to a Care2 petition, stench, blood and terrified screaming animals with “body parts falling out of trucks as they leave the slaughterhouse for rendering plants reveal a brutal ending for animals, who have no voice and no choice as to what happens to them.”

Aside from profit, there is no reason for this house of horrors, which has plans to expand, to continue operations.

International organizations such as PETA and Mercy for Animals have already taken steps against the company and complaints filed with Vermont’s Attorney General’s office are still pending.

Enough is enough!

We must be the voice for these poor defenseless animals and ensure that the Vermont Packinghouse closes down permanently!

Please sign the petition demanding that Vermont’s State Veterinarian and Attorney General shut down this slaughterhouse immediately SIGN HERE!

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