Sign Petition Now Urging Authorities To Find & Convict Vile Construction Workers Who Paved Over A Live Dog In India!

A repugnant case of unconscionable animal cruelty has left animal advocates broken hearted and determined to get justice for a poor innocent dog that died a horrific death at the hands of deplorable and compassionless humans.

According to a Care2 petition, people in the northern town of Agra, in the Uttar Pradesh province of India, woke to a horrific sight of a dead dog covered in dried tar.

The poor, defenseless, and sleeping animal reportedly fell victim to some corrupt construction workers from RP Infrastructure Limited who were paving a road the night before.

Unfathomably, instead of shooing the tired dog away, or coming back to complete the job later, the sub-humans proceeded to pour molten tar over the live animal and run it over

In the list of horrible ways to die, this must be at the top. The dog must have suffered excruciating, persisting pain until it finally expired.

The workers claim they did not notice the dog since they were paving at night but according to some locals, the workers heard the dog’s howls of pain but chose to ignore it.

The dog’s body was recovered and given a proper burial, but “justice” needs to be served. Sadly, sometimes, as in this case, there is no amount of justice to match the crime.

As of yet, no one from the construction company has been charged.

Please sign this petition demanding that Agra’s Sadar police find and prosecute those responsible for this reprehensible and unforgivable crime HERE!

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