Sign Petition To Prosecute Police Officer Hu Hanlin Who Viciously Beat Golden Retriever To Death In China

Horrific footage has emerged online showing a police officer in China mercilessly beating a golden retriever to death.

According to reports, officer Hu Hanlin chained the dog to a road barrier and then proceeded to beat him with a wooden club for three hours as pedestrians passed by, watching the bloody act in horror.

The officer did not need to bludgeon the dog to death. This was a deplorable example of excessive force and the worst type of cruelty.

Hanlin and a second officer were reportedly called to the scene after two separate pedestrians reported being attacked by a golden retriever.

One of the victims suffered a minor injury, while the other only reported slight damage to his clothing.

Neither account suggests that the dog was so dangerous that he deserved to be beaten in such a gruesome manner, especially after the police restrained him.

The local police bureau responded by noting that Hanlin was carrying out his duty of protecting the public.


The three-hour beating that resulted in the golden retriever’s tragic death was excessive force, pure and simple.

Please help fight for justice by signing this Care2 petition urging the police bureau to fire Hu Hanlin for his inexcusable actions HERE!

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