Sign Petition Requesting That Yahoo! Japan Stop Selling Ivory & Protect Elephants


Tragically, as many as 30,000 elephants have been killed annually in recent years for their ivory, fueling a poaching crisis in many African countries.

In response, many leading technology companies have adopted more progressive policies to ensure endangered and threatened species are protected.

Google,, Rakuten, and Alibaba are among those that have banned ivory sales on all their sites globally, and Yahoo! Inc. in the United States does not permit sales of ivory products.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! Japan, the country’s largest online auction site, remains a major seller. In the last decade alone, U.S. $27 million worth of ivory products have been sold on Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

SoftBank, with a 43 percent share of Yahoo! Japan, is in a powerful position to help push the company to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and ban the advertisement and sale of all elephant products.

While previous appeals to Yahoo! Japan have failed, a new Care2 petition is calling on Masayoshi Son, the Director of Yahoo! Japan and Chairman of SoftBank Corp., to end ivory sales and help stop the slaughter of Africa’s dwindling elephant population.

Poaching for the ivory trade must be eliminated as quickly as possible in order to save the remaining African elephants, which are currently on the World Wildlife Fund vulnerable list.

People are encouraged to sign the petition requesting that Yahoo! Japan stop being complicit in the slaughter of elephants and join other tech giants and ban ivory sales on its platform, HERE!

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