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Leo is a sweet and hyper little pit bull. He was placed in the care of Tails R Waggin’ doggie daycare center in Tallmadge, Ohio, while his owner Mike LaSalvia was on vacation. While Leo stayed there, Mike was able to see Leo on video in some areas of the center.

While Mike was checking in via video, he witnessed the owner of the center let Leo in the general area where there was no cameras. When he entered the room, he instantly went to play with the other dog in the room, tail wagging, happy as can be. Amy Beach claims she was preventing a fight and supposedly thought she was in danger from this “aggressive pit bull breed”.

She allegedly grabbed Leo by the collar and stomped on his head, pulled his collar up and dragged him into a time out room, then kicked him through the door and followed him off camera. What happened in the next room? No one knows. The room she kicked him into had no cameras. Poor Leo was stuck in this room with this woman.

Demand to make it law to have cameras in every room of animal care facilities. There should be cameras in all inside and outdoor areas where dogs are kept, or where they pass through. It needs to be forbidden to take animals off camera.

Please sign this petition to help put “Little Leo’s Law” into effect HERE!

Target: Ohio Governor John Kasich; Speaker of the House, Cliff Rosenberger; Senate President Larry Obhof, Ohio

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