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As was done in Sochi, Russia, before the 2014 Winter Olympics, stray dogs were reportedly being killed recently in 11 Russian cities that will host the World Cup beginning in June of this year.

Worldwide outrage over this culling has apparently changed officials’ minds.

Instead of euthanizing the dogs, sports minister Pavel Kolobkov has recommended that host cities create temporary animal shelters in which the strays can be housed during the World Cup games.

There are reportedly about two million homeless dogs and cats roaming the streets in the 11 cities hosting the World Cup this year.

Instead of killing them, which costs about $100.00 per dog, that money should be spent on spay-and-neuter programs.

As a first step, all of the dogs that are housed in those temporary shelters during the World Cup should be spayed and neutered during their stay.

Horrifically, this is not the first time stray dogs have reportedly been culled prior to the World Cup. Animal activists in Brazil said homeless dogs were being rounded up before the games there in 2014. The Brazilian government denied killing the dogs, but activists pointed out that no temporary shelters were provided for the strays that disappeared.

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