Take Action To Free Kaavan & Move Him To Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary!


A change.org petition is currently being circulated to urge Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and 8 others to take the next, and final, steps to ensure that Kaavan is transferred from his life of solitary confinement in Islamabad Zoo, where he is chained and living in deplorable conditions, to a secured sanctuary at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

After three decades in the zoo and years of public outcry advocating on Kaavan’s behalf, Pakistan’s Senate Standing Committee agreed on July 25, 2016, that sending the abused, neglected and isolated elephant to the sanctuary was “the right thing to do.”


Sadly, the move has yet to take place.

According to change.org, if the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had any objections to the transfer, they needed to be written and sent within 60 days which would have, in turn, precipitated a full Senate vote. No written objections were received during that time period.

Therefore, during a Senate meeting on August 30, 2016, Senator Talha Mehmood concluded that papers would be completed and Kaavan would be transferred to the sanctuary “as soon as possible”; finally freeing him from the chains, mental suffering, lack of care, and isolation he had endured for so long.


The Committee urged the CDA to complete all necessary documentation for the transfer.

In the meantime, in December 2016, it was decided that improvements to Kaavan’s enclosure, and proper manhout training, would be completed within six months. As of the creation of the petition, work on the improvements have not even started.


The petition states that “it is clear that Islamabad Zoo will never be able to offer the care and freedom that Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary is offering.”

David Casselman, the founding director of Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary has even sent a letter to the Senate of Pakistan offering to provide lifetime sanctuary for Kaavan, at no charge to the country, where he will be cared for in a natural habitat while ensuring that all of his social and medical needs are met.


While concerned parties involved acknowledge and appreciate the Senators attention on Kavaan, after patiently waiting for eight months, they are now petitioning for the release papers to be signed.

Per the petition, “We thank the Senators for taking notice of Kaavan and we want nothing more than the next steps to unanimous vote and Free Kaavan to Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary immediately.”

Action Alert!

Please Sign The Petition Below & Take Action To Free Kaavan!

Petition https://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-muhammad-nawaz-sharif-kaavan-has-secured-sanctuary-at-no-cost-to-pakistan-at-cambodia-wildlife-sanctuary

Thunderclap https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/56041-my-journey-home-free-kaavan

Eye of the Storm. Facebook link to event https://m.facebook.com/teamkaavan/


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