Sign Petition To Help Get Justice For Abandoned Pit Bull Puppies With Rubber Bands Around Their Muzzles In Wichita, Kansas


People in Wichita, Kansas are both grateful and horrified following the recent rescue of two pit bull puppies.

Grateful to a maintenance worker, named Wes, who discovered the dogs in peril and horrified that someone was evil enough to have left them in such unfathomable condition.

Wes, came upon the dogs when he went to check on a broken water pipe in an apartment complex and discovered way more than a plumbing disaster.

When he entered the apartment, Wes noticed the puppies were locked in a small plastic kennel where they were ankle-deep in their own feces and urine and had rubber bands around their muzzles.

It is estimated that the puppies mouths had already been muzzled for around 12 hours. According to a vet who treated the dogs, now named Wilson and Violet, if Wes had arrived any later the dogs would have suffered permanent damage. Their lip tissue could have even fallen off.

A video of the poor puppies being examined by vets and police officers was posted on the Wichita Animal Action League Facebook page.

Violet and Wilson’s previous owner obviously didn’t care what happened to the dogs. They could have surrendered them to people who would have gladly taken care of them, but instead, they decided to abandon them in a tragic state.

That is animal cruelty and it should be punished!

According to reports, police know who the person is but he has yet to be taken into custody, that needs to change.

Please sign the Care2 petition and tell the Wichita Police Department you want justice for Violet and Wilson. Tell them to arrest and prosecute this animal abuser. SIGN HERE!

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