Sign Petition To Help Save Dog From Being Put Down In The UK Who Heroically Protected His Parents From An Angry Mob

A couple and their dog are facing an unfathomable life or death situation in Bristol, United Kingdom. They need and deserve help!

According to a Care2 petition, the unnamed man and woman were minding their own business when a group of 20 angry and screaming men attacked them on their own doorstep.

The men believed a pedophile lived at the premises and wanted to send him a violent message but the mob was mistaken, the person they were looking for no longer lived there.

Horrifically, that did not stop the violent attack.

Fortunately, their five-year-old Staffie cross Labrador, Kylo, was there and managed to run the majority of the group off.

Sadly though, the 25-year-old man was left with a broken nose, fractured rib, and bruising. The 24-year-old woman was reportedly spat on by the mob as well.

Kylo saved their lives. He is a hero.

Tragically, not everyone agrees.

After police arrived, Kylo was so agitated by the recent attack that he bit two of the officers in the confusion. The officers seized him and he could be put down.

Kylo was clearly doing what a good dog is supposed to do, protect his human family from danger. There was no way for him to know that the police were there to help.

Please sign the petition requesting that the Avon and Somerset police spare Kylo’s life and return him to his family HERE!

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