Sign Petition To Hold Washington State Authorized Wildlife Control Officer Dan Caraway Accountable For Drowning a Coyote That He Was Supposed To Release Into The Wild!

Caraway carrying the coyote out of McChesney’s home. Photo from Kennewick Police Department.

Last month, a man in Washington came home to find his dog sniffing a small pup in his kitchen. When he took a closer look though, he realized it wasn’t a pup, but a baby coyote who was extremely dehydrated and scared to death.

Wanting to help the animal, he called a local animal rescue. Unfortunately, they weren’t open so he decided to do what he thought was the next best thing and call Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) for assistance.

The WDFW was reportedly little help; first telling the kind-hearted man to shoo it out of his house which he would not agree to. The department’s next suggestion was to “just shoot it.”

Eventually, with the help of his local police department, Don Caraway, a state-authorized wildlife control officer, was called to the scene.

Caraway reportedly promised to release the young coyote into the wild.

He didn’t. Instead, he drowned and buried it.

According to the WDFW website, wildlife control officers should only euthanize animals via humane methods. Drowning is not one of them. In fact, drowning is explicitly named as one of the methods the WDFW asks their animal control officers to avoid. Despite that, Caraway decided to cause the poor, already suffering animal more pain in its final minutes of life.

Caraway should be fired and his wildlife control officer authorization should be withdrawn. There is no excuse for animal cruelty and Caraway’s actions demonstrate no respect for wildlife or common decency.

Sign the petition and ask the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to end their relationship with Mr. Caraway HERE!

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