Sign Petition To Save Threatened Species & Stop Official Appointment Of Susan Combs As Secretary of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Last week the Trump administration continued to demonstrate that it has little concern for wildlife when it introduced a plan that suggests lifting the so-called blanket rule that extends default protections to species listed as threatened.

Under the current status quo, this means that when the federal government determines that a species is threatened, it can either develop specific regulations to protect it or offer the same basic protections as endangered species.

It’s more efficient to simply apply general rules to every organism listed than it is to painstakingly develop specific rules for each individual.

While the new ruling would not apply to the 300 species already deemed as threatened and protected, it would affect any new listings which would have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine which kinds of protections it might need.

News of this possible rule change follows on the heels of Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recent announcement that he has appointed former Texas Comptroller Susan Combs as the Acting Assistant Secretary of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

By naming her in an “acting” capacity, Zinke is temporarily dodging Senate confirmation, because she can work in the role until the Senate holds hearings.

The job puts Combs, who has a track record of undermining protections put in place to preserve endangered wildlife in favor of industry and development, in charge of all things related to the Endangered Species Act.

A Care2 petition to save the  Endangered Species Act and our wildlife as well as stop the appointment of Trump Nominee Susan Combs for U.S. Department of Interior is available to sign HERE!

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