Sign Petition To Stop The Horrific Chuck Wagon Race & Calf Roping Event At The Calgary Stampede in Canada!


The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival that is held every July in Alberta, Canada.

Tragically, last month, more horses lost their lives during the appalling chuck wagon race; spurring outrage from animal advocates and calls to ban these races for good.

The accidents that lead to the deaths of these horses happen regularly as the poor animals are pushed past their limits, terrified, and exhausted. Many horses die of heart failure or suffer strokes while many others suffer severe injuries and are instantly euthanized as a result.

Calf roping is another heartless event that puts innocent animals at risk.

During the calf roping segment of the event, calves are released into the corral where they are then caught around the neck with strong ropes before being violently thrown to the ground onto their backs. Their eyes bulge with terror, their hearts are damaged, and they experience whiplash. Oftentimes their limbs are injured beyond repair.

Calves should be safely left alone with their mothers, not being thrown around vigorously for the enjoyment of onlookers.

Despite reported “attempts” to improve safety, horses and calves continue to be injured or killed for nothing more than so-called “entertainment” and it needs to end.

The only way to guarantee the safety of these animals, is to stop this disgusting practice all together. It’s another outdated event that people need to realize is cruel and unnecessary.

Please SIGN & SHARE this Care2 petition to tell the Calgary Stampede to stop abusing animals and to ban chuck wagon races and calf roping events for good! SIGN HERE!

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