Sign Petition To Urge Officials In Jaipur, India, To Rescue 6-Year-Old Suman, The Elephant, From The Khan Family!


Suman never got a chance to be a real elephant. She was born into the notorious Moonlight Circus where elephants like her were forced to do ridiculous tricks to entertain onlookers. But then, it looked like she was saved. Because of Moonlight’s terrible reputation, it was barred from using animals in its circus performances.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t get better. Suman was then sold to a family known for buying, renting and abusing elephants.

When she was only three-years-old she was sent to work on a TV show that was so horrific animal rights activists had it shut down.

Now at six-years-old, Suman’s fate still is uncertain. According to activists, the Khan family plan to train her so she can give rides to tourists.

One of the training processes for elephants, known as “phajaan,” actually translates to “the crush” during which handlers beat the animal into submission to break it’s spirit so that it can be docile in order to give rides to tourists. Sickening!

This is not the life that Suman or any elephant deserves.

Please sign this Care2 petition requesting that Jaipur officials rescue Suman and end the terrible treatment of elephants “owned” by the Khan family HERE!

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