Sign Petition Urging Lawmakers In Florida To Support Bill That Would Officially Ban Orca Breeding & Shows

While SeaWorld has pledged to end the captive breeding of orcas and their use in theatrical shows, a Care2 petition has been launched to help pass a newly-introduced bill and make sure that the company does not back on its word.

The Florida Orca Protection Act (HB 1305), which was just introduced by Representative Jared Moskowitz, would ensure that SeaWorld keeps its promise, and that no other marine parks can pick up where they left off.

Similar to the groundbreaking ban that was enacted in California in 2016, Florida’s bill would ban the use of orcas as performers in theme shows, ban captive breeding, and end the import and export of orcas into and out of the state.

While the six orcas SeaWorld currently has in captivity will be grandfathered in, the legislation would ensure that they are the last generation to ever suffer in captivity in the state, and it would also extend protection to Lolita, who is sadly being held alone at the Miami Seaquarium.

The bill has already garnered support from animal welfare organizations including the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC).

“The Florida Orca Protection Act ensures that SeaWorld is held to its promise to end orca captivity and extends these important protections to other captive-held orcas in Florida,” Colleen Weiler, WDC’s Rekos Fellow for Orca Conservation said in a statement. “This is an amazing first step to ending orca captivity in Florida, and we look forward to working with our partners to make sure this bill becomes law.”

Not only would it bring about a legal end to orca captivity in two out of three states where they are currently held in the U.S., it also would send a strong message to other countries to do the same.

People are encouraged to sign the Care2 petition urging lawmakers in the state to support and co-sponsor the Florida Orca Protection Act, SIGN HERE!

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