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A pet store in New York has put the lives of baby chicks in peril for the past 15 years during an unfathomable spring promotion where people are able to rent the baby chicks.

Horrifically, this continues because of a loophole in a state animal welfare law that prohibits the sale, bartering or giving away of live chicks, but does not address renting them.

During the “Rent-a-Chick” promotion at Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets in Williamsville, N.Y., customers can take home chicks for two weeks and return them to the store after Easter.

The store owner, Steve Lane, claims the promotion prevents people from buying “disposable pets” this time of year and is a wonderful tradition.

Are they joking? Renting Chicks for Easter?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local SPCA disagree.

The CDC advises that children younger than five years old, adults older than 65, or people with weakened immune systems should not handle or touch chicks, ducklings, or other live poultry due to health risks. Those shouldn’t be the only reasons why you shouldn’t be able to rent-a-chick. How about the fact that they are living breathing beings, not things to rent.

For approximately $40.00 and a $10.00 deposit, customers who rent the chicks are given a container with medicated food, bedding, a water bottle, and a clamp lamp with a heat bulb; but do they have any idea how to properly care for these little creatures?

The SPCA Serving Erie County has previously stopped Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets from renting chicks that had been dyed various colors for Easter, which is illegal in New York state, but it sadly hasn’t stopped the Rent-a-Chick promotion because renting the birds is not specified in the law. The Rent-a-Chick promotion is cruel and only teaches children that animals are playthings that can be easily disposed of.

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