Sign Petition Urging That Russian Circus Animals, Including A Tigress Who Had A Seizure During A Show, Be Sent To A Sanctuary!


Brother and sister duo, Artur Bagdasarov and Karina, are making a living by abusing 6 tigers in a circus in Magnitogorsk, Russia.

One of their captives, Zena the tigress, had a seizure during a show last month.

The “trainers” then proceeded to whip, poke, and drag Zena by her tail; all of this abuse to a sick and innocent animal that should have never been forced to “perform” for the “entertainment” of short-minded people and profit.

The video of Zena’s seizure and subsequent abuse, which went viral, outraged animal advocates worldwide as they watched the poor tiger after she had been jumping through hoops on fire. Tigers are naturally afraid of fire but are still forced to jump through blazing rings, which sadly, indicates that the fear they have of being punished by their trainers is greater than the fear they have of fire.

The loud circus noises, lights, and sounds of people screaming most-likely also escalated Zena’s stress, which may have contributed to her seizure that lasted for more than a minute. Robbed of any dignity she may have left, which was probably none, Zena defecates and convulses violently in front of the audience.

Meanwhile, while the trainer is inflicting more pain and suffering on the ailing animal, members of the audience watch and are clearly scared as they should be.

They should not only be scared, they should be horrified, outraged, and pledging to never attend another circus or exhibition that uses, exploits, and abuses animals. 

As more animals are being banned from circuses, there are still plenty out there with clear evidence of abuse that need to be shut down! When these animals are not being enslaved for entertainment, they are kept confined in cramped cages often only allowed out to “perform.”

Please sign this Care2 petition to demand that Zena and all the other animals in this circus are sent to a sanctuary and the circus is shut down! SIGN HERE!

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