Signatures Needed As New York City’s Carriage Horses Suffer In The Scorching Summer Heat


The city of New York has been experiencing several heatwaves this summer. So much so that the city took the rare step of issuing a heat advisory warning to New Yorkers, expressing the dangers of the scorching hot summer sun and providing tips on how to avoid overheating.

But while the people can decide whether or not they want to brave the heat, many of NYC’s four-legged citizens don’t have that luxury.

Earlier this month, video of a NYC carriage horse suffering under the blazing sun went viral. As One Green Planet states in the video, “the poor horse is tense, breathing heavily, and almost looks as if he may collapse at any moment.”

What’s worse is that the video was taken early in the morning before 10am, meaning that the horse likely had to work for several more hours and it wasn’t even mid-day, which tends to be the hottest part of day.

Indeed the heat advisory recommended that, on hot days, people should work out before 7am and walk their pets in the early mornings or late evenings. Unfortunately, this horse’s owner ignored the message.

Sadly, NYC is one of many American cities that still allow the unnecessary and completely inhumane practice of horse carriage rides to persist in spite of public outcry and protests. Throughout the country, from Charlotte to Cleveland, horses are forced to pull tourists — sometimes through harsh weather like the recent heat wave in NYC — all the while unaware the real cost to the horse.

This practice needs to end today! NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio should take action now and end this outdated industry.

Sign this Care2 petition to stop the horse carriage cruelty and demand that they are banned completely! HERE!

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