Signatures Needed! Care2 Petition Urges Fox Sports To Reconsider Hiring Michael Vick

Curly is one of the Vicktory Dogs that found her forever home! Photos provided by Best Friends. 

In a move that has animal advocates crying foul, retired NFL quarterback and former dog fighting operation owner, Michael Vick, has officially been hired by Fox Sports as a studio analyst.

In 2007, Vick was convicted and sentenced to 23 months in prison for playing a major role in the offense by “promoting, funding and facilitating this cruel and inhumane “sporting” activity.”

Vick and three others operated the Bad Newz Kennels which, as noted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), housed and trained over 50 pit bulls, staged dog fights, killed dogs, and ran a high-stakes gambling ring with bids up to $26,000.

The one-time Atlantic Falcons star player reportedly killed dogs that did not “perform well” with his weapon-like hands by hanging them or slamming them to the ground. As uncovered in the case when numerous dogs survived the hanging, Vick helped hold their heads underwater until they drowned.

Ultimately, Vick pleaded guilty to racketeering, served 21 months in jail and apologized, but not for the horrendous things he did to those innocent dogs!

Now many are left questioning whether Michael Vick deserves a second chance as a public figure, and quite possibly if they will tune in or tune out of Fox Sports to watch his football coverage.

A shred of positive news is that the major exposure of Bad Newz Kennels increased the public’s awareness and understanding of how extreme, vicious and deplorable dog fighting is, and that it occurs in many communities despite the fact that it is illegal in every state.

Fortunately, despite the misadvised call by some for the rescued “Vicktory Dogs,” to be put down because of their violent natures and killer instincts, many survived, and thrived.

Meryl is one of the Vicktory Dogs that found her forever home! 

Best Friends Animal Society was among the first national animal welfare organizations to advocate for the former fighting dogs and in 2008, 22 of the sadly traumatized dogs began their rehabilitation, training, and healing there; before finding their forever families.

Handsome Dan went from Vicktory Dog to “Nanny Dog” with his forever family! 

Now, that is a well-deserved second chance at life!

More Vicktory Dog success stories can be viewed HERE!

People can sign a current Care2 petition requesting that FOX Sports fire Michael Vick HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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